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An Epilogue to 2009 [Part 1]


Okay, so I’ve blogged for slightly more than a year and this is the second round-up/summary article! Yeah, this year kind of lacked a punch. The prominent studio of this year seems to be SHAFT, establishing themselves with their now trademark post-modernist arts and witty dialogue. This fame is probably matched by Production IG, with shows like Higashi no Eden: simple character designs, but very detailed background. Kyoto Animation upped their stakes as the studio of moeblob shows but also suffering a certain notorious marketing strategy.

High Tier/ Recommended Shows (in Alphabetical Order)
Lazy to further separate into “Epic Tier and High Tier” so I’ll just dump them together.

1. Bakemonogatari
I’m a fan of myths and legends and I liked shows like xxxHOLiC and Natsume Yujinchou. Also, awesome art is awesome.
2. Eve no Jikan
This show doesn’t get mentioned often, which is understandable since it’s only a short ONA and is a rather simple sci-fi sort of slice-of-life. Nonetheless, it’s worth the watch.
3. FMA – Brotherhood
Brofist! I’ve been a fan of the manga and so far, the anime doesn’t disappoint (well I did hope that some of the fights would but longer but on the overall, it’s fine).
4. Hayate no Gotoku S2
More parodies yay~ Also, character development. Sure, I preferred a more light hearted and less romance centered series like season 1 but season is still enjoyable.
5. Hellsing Ultimate
I, for one, welcome the return of a real Vampire overlord.
6. Higashi no Eden
The show is paced rather slowly and there isn’t much actual action despite being a Thriller. However, the way the plot gradually unfolds is intriguing. Most importantly (to me at least), there isn’t a single reference to anime!
7. Kara no Kyoukai
8. Maria+Holic
Awesome art, awesome music.
9. Summer Wars
Wow, it’s a Digimon spin-off! Miko mode Renamon dueling Asura mode Diabolomon. Nostalgia’d.
10. Toradora
(I guess this can kind of count in the list since it ended in 2009) I admit I was somewhat surprised since I thought it’ll just be a rom-com; didn’t expect drama. Though thankfully, it wasn’t too angsty (well Minorin seems to get some depression…). On the whole, I daresay that this show actually deserved its hype.
11. Zoku Natsume Yuujnchou
See comment for Bakemonogatari, so yeah.

Mid Tier/ Decent

Okay, it wasn’t that sugoi but it was a decent show with the trademark TYPE-Moon metaphors behind super powers.
2. Clannad – AS
I didn’t like how they chose to end the series. It works in the visual novel because well, it’s not linear story telling unlike anime.
3. Gundam 00 S2
I’m not a hardcore Gundam fan so I might have missed out on the mentioned fanservice/ shout-outs/ references to the Gundam fans but as a mecha series, it’s enjoyable.
4. K-ON!
This show is severely overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it was enjoyable, but not that fabulous. I like the songs, yes, they’re addictive, but on the whole, it’s just a rather average slice-of-life. Well, it was rather obvious why K-ON got the fame it did, so yeah.
5. Railgun
If only Index had this quality of action…
Not too much exposition, sufficient action, plenty of comedy.
6. Sora Kake Shojo
Nice bit of parody there. Also, a ditz Lelouch.
7. Sword of Druaga (Aegis of Uruk S2)
Wow, Gonzo actually didn’t screw up. And Druaga is the most enjoyable RPG-ish anime of this year (I’ll clump Sacred Blacksmith, Tales of the Abyss together).

Low Tier A mix of shows which are either Forgettable, Disappointing or Plain Bad.

1. Akikan!
Sure, I don’t watch ecchi show for plot but this show is terrible. Cheap art quality, cheap innuendo etc. Bad deal for Jun Fukuyama. This series is just Plain Bad.
2, 3, 4 Tales of the Abyss, Sacred Blacksmith, Senjou no Valkyrie
5. Kampher
Oh well… wasn’t expecting much for this show anyway.
6. Seitokai no Ichizon
Overrated. Jumping onto the bandwagon of referencing anime. The gags that doesn’t involve referencing stuffs are actually funnier. Granted, some of the eroge refs are worth a few chuckles but man, done too many time to the point from being a “catchphrase/ trademark” to “plain annoying”. Full of facepalming moments in this show.
7. Umineko
Disappointing. And I haven’t even played the VN before. The problem is that this series lacks DRAMA and CLIMATIC SETTINGS like say Death Note style.


12 thoughts on “An Epilogue to 2009 [Part 1]

  1. woot.the comment system finally works

  2. happy new year to ya

  3. lol happy new year

  4. Ironically, umineko follows the visual/sound novel more closely than the other “when they cry” series… so it might be a little boring and complicated and full of redundancy. Its like a sherlock holmes novel being animated complete with its archaic language and all. The novel is fine enough to read but to watch a movie with everything enacted out word for word is too damn boring for most people. Wait, i think the untimate form of entertainment to bore people out are plays, except for higher society snoots of course. It seems i am bullshitting by this time, I think my earlier comparison may be wrong as well…and you should go watch tokyo magnitude 80

  5. wow…that’s long

  6. DEEN just had issues with directing lol I mean yeah, its true, for such genre, trying to make it exciting is quite difficult, but the problem I had with Umineko was actually with “reveals”. I’m not sure how to put it, but they sucked at building up climax: no playing around with camera angles, music and that sort of thing. I mean come on, the scenes where they started using lightsaber- er beam blades were supposed to be awesome but the way they set it up was corny.

    For example, Bakemonogatari (or any other of SHAFT’s) have long dialogue but they managed to make it interesting with FABULOUS art.

    lol k I shall go get Tokyo Mag.

    long post eh? good for you man.

  7. lightsabers are boring by this time…the people should start thinking of more creative stuff…and creators are developing too many moe characters . Having bunny girls and high school girls kill people is not that creepy nor exciting anymore, they used up that privilege in higurashi. Producers should do something else for a change, get a rambo or dirty harry character to do the killing instead which will result in huge awesomeness and destruction of the surroundings.Hopefully the moe bubble will bust soon… Anyway, you saw avatar yet?It was awesome

  8. True, true, what they did was just plain cheap. They may not be able to make it epic, but they could at least make it not suck.

    haven’t seen avatar…

  9. Avatar must be seen in 3D!!!!!!!

  10. Oh… ok… (if I’m not lazy;if I actually leave the house)

    btw, seen Summer Wars?

  11. Yeah,Rambo and dirty Harry for optimal indiscriminate killing and destruction!! 1st and only choice even for this scenario…cause no one can come back alive repeatedly to prove the non-existence of magic from the theory that americans+guns= non magic, even if the entities were summoned by the witch, cuz as everyone knows, guns are not magical, at least not yet. Alternatively, we could use my favourite creation, ThE AlMighTy,DrEadEd, DeStruCtiVe BehEmOTH known as THE WHEELCHAIR OF DOOM .

  12. i would happily watch avatar before summer wars…and rewatch it again. and again. But not 8x though, that will be a joy killer

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