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Battle Moon Wars – videos of cut scenes


Unlimited Blade Works, Fate/Zero, Fate/Extra and Carnival Phantasm (also Kara no Kyoukai which was not too long ago). Looks like this year is the year of TYPE-Moon, making this an appropriate time to bring back a rather old doujin game. For those who don’t already know, Battle Moon Wars is a tactical RPG done in the style of the Super Robot Wars franchise and is entertaining in how it brings in all the characters from various TYPE-Moon works and dump them all together. So we have another Grail War intersecting with the various plot points of the other titles.

In general, the posts aren’t exactly strategy guides; the main purpose is more of to show off the interesting cut scenes in the game, but I thought it would be too plain to just dump videos. Anyway, I’m basically just going to be putting more details and attention on Acts 3 and 4, as that is when things get really interesting. Acts 1 and 2 were well, not as intense, not facing off against powerful foes that often.

The first real challenge I encountered has got to be the fight with Nero Chaos at chapter 13. For one thing, I was still figuring out the various game mechanics, such as various character attributes and stats. For another (and this is the annoying part), I had to kill him twice. Yeap, the first time I got my party to reduce his HP to 0, it triggers the dialogue with him going “Looks like I have to use my REAL strength to crush you/ I underestimated you/ time to go all out seriously etcetera, etcetera” then BAMF! He’s back to full health and with more HP.

After eventually taking him down for good, I was treated to several chapters of taking down a bunch of minions while the bosses ran away at the last moment as well as battles with a bunch of unimportant minor villains. This goes on until chapter 21, where the party corners Roa and Shiki (Original Tohno) and here’s where I got to witness a rather amusing scene: Roa and Shiki going “It can’t be help! Let’s use THAT!”. Here’s the scene, it must be seen to believe.

Yeah, they GATTAI into a Char and gosh, I like this chapter, it’s hilarious. Surprisingly, this fight wasn’t as hard as the fight with Chaos. For one thing, by then, I was rather familiar with the game mechanics and for another, they even set up the battle such that the party is already nicely surrounding the villains. Also, this chapter is unique in that it is also the first time where you get to use all the characters that you’ve encountered so far.

As an aside, this game can get confusing because there are practically 4 Shikis running around: Tsukihime Protagonist Shiki, Tatari/ Killer Shiki (referred to simply as Nanaya here), original Tohno Shiki (who in Tsukihime got taken by Roa) and later, even Ryougi Shiki joins your team.

As mentioned it wasn’t until Act 3 that I was really into the game, where Ryougi Shiki makes her grand entrance. Tohno Shiki thus got some upgrades from training with Ryougi on how to better use the Mystic Eyes. And here’s the coolest bit: if they accumulate enough Will points and are near each other in battle, they unlock an awesome combo move.

Chapter 27. Here, we have Archer unleashing Unlimited Blade Works, followed by Shiki and Shiki bursting in to rescue the party. Did I mention Shiki making her grand entrance? I did? Well, no matter, it’s worth mentioning again (yes, I’m a Ryougi fanboy). Behold, the first most memorable cut-scene.

After which, we are treated to the second comedic chapter (the Roa gattai one being the first): Magical Girl Kaleido Ruby is back in action (to the chagrin of Rin)! Naturally, Arcueid is annoyed that her spotlight as the Magical Girl is stolen and proceed to get herself some power up.

Then a bunch of stuff happened, with Sakura getting captured, needing to rescue her from Eiznbernt castle and all.

Chapter 34. Remember how I said Chaos was annoying? Well, this one’s even more so. The scenario is Archer, Rider and Lancer on a covert mission to find out if Sakura’s save. Unfortunately, it’s a trap set by Zouken and so the three Servants got surrounded by an entire mob of Jellyfish err Shadows and I’m supposed to escape from them before Angra Manyu turns up in Turn 8 and it’s Game Over. Furthermore, in order to obtain the Mastery point, I’ll also have to kill True Assassin. This is marks the first battle where I actually had to start equipping my party with Items. It may be quite hard to tell, but the corridor is rather long and both Archer and Rider’s default movement range is simply insufficient considering the number of turns I had left after fending off the Shadows and killing off Assassin. This is also the level where, I won mostly because of luck rather than actual planning like the previous battles. Case in point, the Shadows are essentially Wild Cards. They attack anything as long as it’s within its range. Including their supposed allies. Here’s the interesting part: Archer basically dodged all their attacks while Rider only got hit once. True Assassin, on the other hand, got hit twice, reducing his HP from 20k to at least 15k so I had a considerably easier time killing him. Villainy stupidity indeed.

Chapter 35. Yeah, it’s Dark Saber but well, after the whole escape from castle and the upcoming fight with Berserker, this one is a pushover. Seriously, this one is easy. All I did was to simply send Phantasmoon and Tohno to attack directly from the left (jumping over the ledge) while the other characters climb the stairs and act as the decoy to get the minions to focus their attention on them while Phantasmoon and Tohno can focus on taking on Dark Saber. And then, after minions were cleared, same old strategy of sending Takumi and Ryougi for the final killing blow.

Chapter 36. The next challenge came in the form of none other than Berserker. Again. This time, the battle was frustrating in a different manner. With the escape from the castle, it was more on luck. Now, it was more on the planning part. Berserker’s ability God Hand, prevents him from being hit by any attacks with damage less than 5k. To make matters worse, he can also recover a small amount of HP every turn, meaning that this chapter forces you to end the fight as quickly as possible even if you don’t care about accumulating Mastery points.

Shiki can kill servants. Canon be damned. This thus marks the end of Act 3. As said, more focus will be placed on the later acts, hence why this post doesn’t have that many videos. Rest assured though, there’s more interesting videos for the later acts.

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  1. I..want to play this!

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